Waiting time for 189Pr application increased from 6 to 11 months

Hi Anil,
I have lodged my PR application for 189 on May 2019 as developed programmer.

Then the wait time is around 6months, later it got increased to 9 months and now its showing 11 months to 22 months.

I am in Australia currently and on bridging visa.

My question is will 11 to 22 months processing time applies to me as when I have applied it showed it’s 6 months to 7months.

If it’s 11 to 22 months processing time I am scared I have to stay on bridging visa. please help me with my query.
Thanks for your time

Hi @Poppala_Harshitha

The waiting time applies to all. It does not matter if you filed the application earlier.

The time is shown to you based on current processing time.