Visitor visa extn - how to withdraw

Hi team,

My mother came to US on December 13 2020 in visitor visa . She was about to leave US on 9th April 2020. But because of international travel ban in India. She was unable to go back. Her six month got completed on June 13th 2020. We applied for visitor visa extn. on May 26 ,2020. Finally she got her tickets and flew back to India on August 13 , 2020.

  1. Should I withdraw her visa extension now or leave it as it is?
  2. what is the withdrawal process?
  3. Should the applicant write a letter to uscis for withdrawal or can I write on her behalf?

Your mother has to sign the letter of withdrawal and send it to USCIS.

Or you can ignore it and let the USCIS deny it as and when they work on it.

The time she spent in the US while extension was pending will still be counted as legal.

Thanks for your advice sir! I have asked my mother to write a letter and send it to me and I will mail it to the Uscis office. Since her i94 has also been expired (June 13 ,2020) , will her stay after i94 up until her withdrawal notice would be considered unlawful or period of authorized stay?

  • Is a cover letter and a copy of receipt notice (i539) will be sufficient for the withdrawal process or else should I provide more supporting documents like her flight tickets etc…?