Visiting CBP border land while H4, H4 EAD extension pending

Hello, I am stuck in H4, H4 EAD delays. My husband’s H1B got extended till 2025 but I have applied for my H4, H4 EAD after getting H1B extended. My current h4, I 94, h4 ead is valid till February 22. I have little hope that it will be adjudicated before my H4 expiration. Also not very hopeful that premium processing will start that soon. I might loose my job. I want to know if I have any other options. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

I can even travel to CBP land border but I have to go through h4 stamping process in that case and I literally have 45 days of H4 and I 94 left in my hand.

Have anyone recently tried visiting any neighboring countries and consulate? Are they processing any visa recently due to omicron? If yes, Canada or Mexico would be less riskier?

I also want to know if I travel outside of USA, what will happen to my pending H4 EAD application?

If I managed to get my H4 and I 94 and my husband ( primary visa holder) change job in the meantime, will I come back to square one again?

Please please any suggestions or experience will help. I am under lot of mental stress due to all these processing delays.