Visa stamping Dropbox eligibility for change of status from H4 to H1

I was on H4 Visa + H4 EAD (working) with H4 Visa stamp validity till 07/21/2019. My employer filed my H1B in lottery and it approved. I am working now on H1B. I am planning to visit India in Feb-2020 (within 12 months of visa expiry). Am I eligible for Dropbox?

You can check your dropbox eligibility using this page.

As per my opinion, you won’t be eligible for dropbox as you are changing your visa type from H4 to H1.

My employer is a small consulting firm. There are 5-6 employee from my organisation at my work location and in total number of employee would be within 100. Do you think it would be any problem during PAI for H1B? I know nothing is certain, but I am just taking an opinion.

Hi @user123

The fact is that my opinion will not count here as everything depends on your employer paperwork and what you answer in the interview.

Don’t worry. All will be good if all paperwork is fine.