Visa renewal and early passport expiry for H1 and H4

I believe if the passport is expiring before time period of the 3 year extension duration (I-797/I-539) then the I94 with approved extension is given only till the date of passport expiry. In that case what is the best way to get H1/H4 extension with passport expiring in below scenarios without travelling out of US and no gap in employment for spouse working on H4 EAD:

Third H1 renewal after 9 years with I140 approved due in 2020 but passport expiring in 2021.
Spouse H4/EAD expiring in 2020 and passport expiring in 2021.
Child’s passport and H4 expiring in 2020.

Hi @DipAtTV

The safest option is to get passport renewed before applying H1b, H4 and H4 EAD.

The child’s passport can be renewed as it is going to expire within next 1 year, but H1 and Spouse passport can’t be renewed as it will expire in Fall 2021. I believe passport renewal in USA can’t be done before 1 year of expiry date, right?

You can time it in a way that passport renewal appears within the 1 year time.

Or if you can apply for change of address on passport, then you can apply anytime and a new passport will be issued.

Thanks, but the H1 & Spouse passport was issued in India with Indian address on it, so can they apply for change of address to current US address via US agency for renewing Indian passport. Also, can such parents apply for their passports for change of address(20 Months before expiry) along with Child’s passport(which was renewed in USA) renewal?

Yes, you can apply for Indian passport renewal in USA anytime to get address changed.

Thanks, with this application is there a way to have India address somewhere on my new passport along-with current USA address?

As far as I know, there can only be one address that can be printed on passport. Why do you need Indian address on passport anyway?

It is always good to have Indian address on passport to get it delivered to it in case it is lost while travelling and I believe it is still considered as a alternative document for India’s address proof.

While submitting passport application, in “Shipping through CKGS” tab after doing “CHECK IF FEDEX IS SERVICED IN YOUR LOCALITY” my address entered as per address proof is modified by an alphabet, like instead of ‘Caters Drive’ it gets modified as ‘Carter Dr’. So can I select Fedex suggested address and submit the application?

Yes, you can select the address if zip code and house number matches.

Thanks. Do I need to submit any Indian address proof if it is filled in the Indian passport application form under ‘other address details’ section? Also as per the checklist do we need to submit total 4 photos with 2 pasted on forms and where exactly the minor(can write his name) can sign and self attest documents?

Please read the details of child Indian passport renewal here.

Thanks, that is very useful. Do the any or both parent need to sign on Affidavit for Change in Appearance of a minor(can write his name) apart from him writing his name in the box?

Hi @DipAtTV

Everything has been mentioned in the article. Please read.

Got the renewed passport for my child, didn’t have to attest latest online passport form anywhere. Also for time being only Cashier’s/Banker check or Money order is accepted for payment.

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Hi Anil,

My cousin passport is going to expire in couple of months and she is applying her visa extension but is it mandatory to renew Passport before applying Visa? Or she can apply visa and passport in parallel ?