Visa Denied and thinking of Canada ICT

Hi @Anil_Gupta

I need your expert advice here:

Worked for a Company X in India: (June 2015- July-2018) 3 Years

Moved to the same company X in USA on L1 B Visa in August 2018.(Visa was stamped in Feb 2017)

L1 Visa Expired on 23rd February 2020 .(

The extension went thought the steps of RFE and was denied on 10th July 2020 (Stayed in USA for less than continuous 2 years till now)

My company is thinking of moving me to Canada on Intra Company Transfer.How can they go about it ? Should I apply from India or can I apply from USA ?

With this COVID situation how will things work out?

If apply from India do I need to be transferred to India office again on India payroll or can I apply from here

I have specialized knowledge in company’s proprietary product.

Let me know if you need any other information in answering this.

Hi @Ankit_Bansal

Its not possible to suggest everything here as your questions are too broad.

You can file Canadian work permit from anywhere but you cannot stay in the US if you don’t have a valid status or a visa here.