Valid I140 from previous employer but travelled on new H1B with new employer

Hi All,
I got my i140 approved from my previous employer and had to go back to India.
I switched job and joined new employer. New employer filed fresh H1 and I traveled back to USA on new H1.

Can I transfer my i140 to new employer now?


I-140 is employer specific and can’t be transferred. The new employer will need to restart your PERM process and file a new I-140. You may be able to retain your priority date and port it to the new I-140.

Thank you Kalpesh.
My scenario is that I am on new H1B which got picked in 2021. My employer did not use I140 to file in cap exempt.
My i140 is from my old H1B.
My worry is will I be able to port priority day from old H1’s I140 to new employer

Yes, I already replied that you may be able to retain PD.

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