Using Last un expired LCA for next H1 B extension


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Hi Anil

I have less than 3 week left for my current I 94 expiry.

Is it possible use unexpired last LCA valid upto 2020 for filing H1 B extension?

or in the event of not getting my new LCA certified on time before My I 94 expiry - will my attorney can use my last unexpired LCA for same location and same role and same client?

Thanks in Advance

(Anil Gupta) #2

Use valid old LCA for H1B extension

Yes, Last approved LCA can be used to file H1B extension.

H1B Extension validity will be restricted

The only thing is that your H1B Extension will be approved only till LCA validity, if H1B is approved and not for full 3 year term.

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Hi Anil

Thanks for reply .You doing very remarkable thing for community.

I again have below doubt.

The old lca was approved for 3 year last April and using that I got only 10 month of H1 vailidity

Also old lca is from old lca form as it was filled before introducing of new lca form on 19 nov

As I have limited time of less then 15 days

Will it create any issue as because of below point

  1. As lca was already used for one of H1 extension
  2. It is not as per new form introduced on 19 nov

My company is saying that they do new lca for every H1 extension .should I intentionally convinced them to use it ?

(Anil Gupta) #4

I also recommend to file a new LCA for H1B extension.

Since you asked if the old one can be used, I gave you the answer that it is legally allowed to be used.

The new LCA form comes into picture only if you file a new LCA.
New LCA form does not invalidate the old approved LCAs.

(Anon) #5

Thank you…

As time is less therefore I hope my attorney use my old lca