Using H1B 60 day grace period in multiple parts possible?

(Anonymous) #1

What happens if I resign EmployerA on Jan31st (Having EmployerA Petition I94 valid till July31st), join on EmployerB on Feb15th on receipt number exhausted 15 days of my grace period, work continuously with EmployerB till Mar31st at point my H1B Transfer is denied with EmployerB.

Will i get remaining 45 days of 1st Grace period or will i get fresh grace period of 60 days on the EmployerA petition I94 valid till July31st.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Grace period of 60 days has to be used in ONE shot. Remaining days cannot be used later.
You get a new 60 day grace period with each NEW H1B 3 year extension/transfer approval though.

In your example, you will NOT get to use remaining 45 days.