Using different LCA while responding speciality occupation RFE

Hi Anil,

I have created new topic as this question is different however is related to my same case.
As I mentioned earlier my company has another approved LCA for me as ‘Software Developer’ which they got at the time of initial filing.
I got a RFE on ‘Computer System Analyst’.
Now my Attorney is responding to RFE with ‘Software Developer’ LCA saying it has more chance of approval because it is more close to specialty occupation definition rather than ‘Computer system Analyst’.
Do you see any issue in changing LCA while responding RFE.

FYI, Expert has mapped all my detailed job duties and Progressive experience, certification, degree with ‘Software Developer’ duties in his letter.

Please advice.

I am not sure if you can change LCA for your H1B application while responding to RFE.

As per my information, you should file a new H1B with the LCA that matches your H1B application.

If attorney has suggested to send other LCA, then they may have thought something about it.

Thanks Anil for your reply.
Yes, Attorney said we are using this another LCA (Software Developer) as it was already approved at the time of initial filing so it should not be an issue.
They clarified, we can not use any LCA that is approved after getting RFE so it should be fine.
In RFE response letter, Attorney has mentioned about LCA amendment in very beginning and also responded all 4 requirements of specialty occupation RFE with all evidences in later part of response.
So Anil, what is your feeling about my approval?
Let me know if you need more information to give better answer.

As long as you are able to prove the speciality occupation, you have good chances of approval.

Thanks Anil
I will keep you posted about my status.

Hi Anil,

I glad to share this news that my visa has been approved.
Thanks for providing valuable input through out the process.

Let me know if I could be helpful for others.

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