Use similar ANZSCO code to create separate EOI with one ACS assessment?

I have my skilled assessed for 263111

Can i use the same acs assessment reference and experience letter to apply eoi for other similar job codes like
262113 Systems Administrator
263112 Network Administrator|
Or should we do acs assessment and experience letters again for each job code. Please advice.

Hi @amathew

You can only create EOI with the ANZSCO code mentioned in the ACS assessment letter.

If you want to create separate EOI for similar job codes, you should get ACS assessment done for those codes separately.

Thank you dear Anil,

Can i ask few more questions if it is ok.

When we update EOI, suppose my points in May 2019 was 75,80 for 189 and 190 subclasses, and then i update my EOI in September 2019 and now my score is 80,85 for 189 and 190 subclasses.

When invitations are given for points 75,80 with cut off of June 2019, will we be invited or because our EOI submission date is now changed and reflects September 2019 we will not be invited.

After EOI is resubmitted does AUS immigration treats it as a complete new application.