Use same Indian PCC for both Australia and Canada immigration?


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Hi Anil, firstly many thanks for putting all this information together. Really very helpful.

I am a graduate student at Oklahoma, USA. I lived in India in a couple of cities until I was there. Till 2012 I was at Chennai and there after I was working at Bangalore for 3 years.
I have few queries pertaining to my case :

  1. My family has always been living on a rented house and I do not know which address to use for filling in the form. Now they are living in Chennai but at a different address. Can I give their current address for the form?
  2. What should I fill for the profession and business address ? Should it be my designation and my office address when I was working in Bangalore? Or the current designation and address (university student) ?
  3. I am planning to use this PCC for two countries - both Australia and Canada. Should I apply for 2 separate PCC in that case?
  4. For the US address proof - I am living at an university apartment on campus. I have the mobile bill and electricity bill. Would those two suffice as address proof or I must get a letter from the school?

Please help me at the earliest, my passport was issued at Chennai in 2011 and it seems like 6 weeks is a long wait time. Thanks

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Indian PCC - Indian address of residence is needed

You have to give the address where you have lived in India for whatever time you were in India. If you lived with your parents, then give their address.

University residence address for Professional and business address on Misc form

Professional and business address is USA address. It should be your University address.

Use same Indian PCC for both Canada and Australia

You can apply only one PCC and use it for both Canada and Australia.

University electricity bill as Indian PCC address proof

You can use Electricity bill as address proof. A letter from university (if easily available) would be good to have but not mandatory.