Use new or old passport number to make i94 fees payment online?

Hi Anil,

First of all, I would like to Thank you for posting detailed instructions.
I am planning to travel Laredo, TX US Mexico Border via land in next couple of days.The reason is to extend my I-94 admit date to match my I 797A validity date with my renewed passport.

My I-94 Admit until date is : April 2019 , I 797 Validity : Sep 2019.

I have a questi on :

  1. I-94 extension fee (6$) payment thru online. In the very first page, it is asking me to fill out my personal details like DOB, passport and visa details. What should I enter in passport number option - Old PP number or New PP Number ?

This is from your blog : When CBP extends the i94 based on your renewed passport, they usually attach it to the same OLD and expired passport number.
So, if you search online on their website, you will be able to pull your new and updated i94 based on your OLD PASSPORT number.

i94 fees online at CBP website

You can specify either old or new passport number for paying i94 fees online.

For me, I had used the new passport number.

For some people, the new passport number throws errors and they are able to move forward using old passport number.

Thank you for the prompt response.
In my case the new PP number is not working, Old PP worked and made the payment.

Good. Let me know if you need more information.