Use Max validity i797 out of multiple approved I797s for H1B stamping?

(Praneeth Bheemreddy) #1

Thanks! Just a follow up question

If we have multiple approved I797s during our travel, Can we use whichever has maximum expire date or should we use the one which we are working for?

Is i140 or i797 needed for Dropbox and H1B stamping?
(Anil Gupta) #2

You should ALWAYS use approved i797 that you ARE currently working for

Remember, H1b stamping is based on your current situation and Visa Officer can deny you H1B visa stamp if you show a different i797 than you are currently working for.

Also, the immigration officer (or CBP) at US port of entry can also deny you entry to US if you are NOT working for the employer that has your current i797.

(Praneeth Bheemreddy) #3

@Anil_Gupta Thanks for you help!