USCIS wasting Green card numbers

Hello guys,
I have been reading everywhere about USCIS being on track of wasting around 80k green card numbers for this fiscal year. Can someone explain to me what this means. My husbands priority date is Apr 2012 EB2 and we are in the process of downgrading to EB3 and will file I-485 concurrently.
Now I want to know if USCIS doesn’t use all green card number ms how does it impact applicants who are current in EB3 and in the process of filling adjustedment status and downgrading.


This means that the PD in future may not move significantly as it did in October last year.

Depends on the PD. In your case 2012 is current in EB3 so there are good chances that you guys will get your GC later in the 2nd half of next year.

Thanks Kalpesh. That helps.