USCIS SR: You should receive a notice of action within 45 days

Our H1and H4 are pending for more than 8 months(still in case received status)
But I raised a SR for my H4 ead which is pending for nearly 7 months(received date: May 31, 2018) on 17-Dec-2018 by calling them.

Below is the response I have received today in email, which I don’t understand much.

Does that mean anyone might be working on mine?
Your case is currently being adjudicated.

You should receive a notice of action* within 45 days.

*A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice , Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny.

Yes, that means that they are actively working on your case.

How much time they took in getting the result ??

The 45 day email simply means that they are working on your case as they are for other cases. Its processed in normal time.

USCIS sends this same 45 day email to everyone.