USCIS H-1B status Name was Updated meaning?

My petition for H-1B (cap gap advanced degree) was filed in April 2018. An RFE was sent and we responded to the RFE on Aug 13, 2018. The status at that time showed ‘Response to USCIS’ RFE has been received’. On Oct 15 the status changed to ‘Name was updated’. Can you please share what does this mean and what to expect next. This is very stressful as the status makes no sense to me as we never requested name to be changed.

Thanks In advance

USICS status ‘Name was Updated’

I have written in detail about this Name was updated status here:

It does not really mean anything with respect to your application status. it is probably just a small error in your name, that may have happened while entering your data in USCIS system.

They have just fixed the error and nothing else.
There is no need to worry.