USCIS FOIA request acknowledgement control number or receipt number?

Hi Anil

I have applied FOIA through mail 2 weeks before.

Do they send any acknowledgement or some reference number that we can use for tracking the case status?


USCIS sends FOIA control number by mail

Yes, they do send an acknowledgement mail with a FOIA control number for your request. You can use this number to track your application status.

Create USCIS online account

Create an online USCIS account and see if they have any information for your request there.

USCIS first sends a mail letter with UNC number in case they need more info about your identity.

The UNC number is converted to NRC number after they have verified your identity. You will receive another mail letter with NRC number and PIN.

The USCIS FIRST account is useful only after you get NRC number and PIN so as to register and receive the documnet online

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