USCIS Case App H4 EAD adjacent cases approved but mine has not activity

thank you so much. you are doing a great help for all of us here. we all need someone to support us and give us some insight and you are doing that for us. thank you.

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i keep checking the uscis app. i dont know how to read it. the cases before me and after me have been approved and they skipped mine or am i reading it wrong:(

The tracking of case numbers in sequence does provide a general idea but, it is not a guarantee for sequential processing.

It is possible that your case has been assigned to a USCIS consultant and he is sitting on it.

If your case has been pending for more than 75 days now, I would suggest to create a case with USCIS and ask for status.
This will help get a response and the consultant (or USCIS person) working on your case will receive a ping.