USCIS approved H1b extension with back date

I got the backdated h1b extension approval on 01/23/2020 with validity date as [12/31 2019].

The new i94 valid till 01/10/2020.

Please advice is there any issue if he go back to home country and file the h1b extension again? Is there any issue of unlawful presence since i received the notice on 01/23/ 2020 with validity as 01/10/2020 while coming back with valid 1797 approval.

I am currently holding visa stamp and additional i797 & i94 approve till 08/25/2020 from my past employer and never worked with that employer.
The new i797 and i94 will overwrite the past approval.

How many days I have to leave the country since I received the notice on 01/23 with i94 validity at 01/10 to not to become unlawful presence.

Hi @abhishek_sharma

You should leave US as early as possible. You should be able to get H1B extension approval without any issue.

The unlawful presence should not be an issue as it is not your mistake. You can explain that the approval was back dated if asked by visa officer in visa interview.

Did you get any resolution? Did you leave the country?