US citizen looking options to speed up i-130

​Hi, I sent form i-130 for my spouse in March 2018, at that time I was a permanent resident. I received the receipt after a month saying they “received” the file and will notify if they have any updates. By this time, in 1st week of March 2019 I became a U.S citizen and after receiving my naturalization certificate, I sent it to USCIS requesting to upgrade the file for immediate relative. After not receiving any updates from them, I called uscis and found they haven’t received my upgrade package so the officer on call upgraded the file on phone.

After weeks I got a latter saying they have received upgrade request and they’ll process and will let me know if the file is approved or declined. Its been more then a month and I don’t know what’s the status of my file. I called uscis multiple times and they don’t give me any satisfactory response on file upgrade status so does anyone know how much more time uscis/nvc will take on this? Its been 1.5 year since I have filed i130 and they haven’t approved it so I would like to know how much time I have to stay separated from my spouse.

Hi @Tiger29

You just upgraded to your file to US citizen category. This is the fastest category for sponsoring based on family.

You should get the result soon.
You can track other I-130 applications processing times here:

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Thanks for responding, any idea how much time will it take to approve i-130? the file isn’t approved yet and I don’t see any updates in my USCIS account.

Also how much time will it take for Visa after the file is approved? And my file is in California but I don’t see category for U.S Citizen filing for a spouse in this location.


Hi @Tiger29

USCIS does not share the US citizenship application data from California center at this time. We can’t really estimate.