Urgent travel to India while H1B approved and H4 I539 extension received status, how to go back to USA

Hi All,

Me and my Husband had to travel to India on 3rd Sept due to death of my Husband’s mother. At the time of travel H1 B extension was in approved status and H4 extension I539 form was in received status. My husband got his visa stamped in India using Dropbox option, However H4 status is still showing received. My husband need to go back to USA and I want to travel with him but am I allowed to file emergency visa stamping from India when my case status in USA is still shows received ? Am I allowed to travel back to India without stamping H4 because Status is still in received? Any suggestions would be helpful

You can try requesting an emergency appointment for H4 visa interview.

Pending i539 in US should not affect H4 visa stamping.