Upload documents to immiaccount after lodging to save time?

Hi @Anil_Gupta
do you suggest by the time we are finalizing the documents to be uploaded,
We should go ahead and upload whatever we have ready with us and pay fees.
I am assuming if there is any flag for them to start looking at our application is after we pay fees and after that they will still be taking at-least 1 month to pick our application (by the time we will upload other pending docs) – may be we will save time compared to upload all, pay fees and submit.

The system will NOT let you submit the application until you upload ALL required documents.

Once you submit, you can submit ‘additional’ supporting documents that you feel could be useful.

ouu ok
I thought provide the reason why not submitting and proceed.
in this case have to wait for PCC (from state and FBI)

State PCC can be uploaded later but atleast one police certificate would be needed which could be FBI in your case.

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