Upgrade H1 Regular to Premium myself without attorney and employer

Our company attorney charges additional fees for upgrade to premium processing after filing in regular initially.

I want to upgrade to premium once bio metrics for my wife is done. Can I do the upgrade to premium independently myself without employer and attorney? Can someone please outline the necessary steps for the upgrade process.

Thanks in advance,
Legal Immigrant

Hi @Legal

You cannot upgrade H1B application to premium yourself as H1B is your Employer’s application and not you.

You can pay your Employer or attorney and they can file an upgrade for you.

Thanks Anil, do you mind describing the necessary steps for the upgrade. I tried joining the whatsapp group but it’s says link has been revoked for almost every single group I tried for H1+H4 EAD.

You employer needs to fill form i907 and send it to USCIS to upgrade your H1B application to premium.

Thanks Anil, I appreciate your response. What’s the usual time-frame for H4 EAD approval for normal case.

Hi @Legal

You can check current H4 EAD processing time here.