Update Immiaccount application after baby is born - PR pending

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Hi Anil,
We are blessed with baby girl on feb 27th
Current Status of our application: fees paid, all forms filled and uploaded. (that time with pregnant as an option for wife)
CO reached out to us on 27th asking to upload pending docs i.e. HCC for both of us & passport, birth certificate for new born. Below is what we got from CO

Next Step ?

  1. I guess we need to update the circumstances – for that is this proper place to do that


if yes then here what will be steps to do that. In drop down for changes I didnt get any relevant option to add newly born

  1. Is there any other place we need to update the application, its 2-3 months and I am trying hard to remember what all other places we need to update the information.

  2. Also as Passport will take time to come (expecting 1 month) till then can we notify CO that we are waiting for this doc – how to do that ? (He has mentioned reply over email can take time better communicate thru their website)


(Anil Gupta) #2

Congratulations for the angel in your family. Happy to hear about it.

You can add your information about the new baby at same place that you have shared the screen shot for.

No need to update at any other place.

You can upload the additional documents (if you already) have in the additional documents section if the child section is available separately.

CO can see all your added information and documents that you upload. So, they will contact you again if they need anything else.

You can email them to ask for extra time to get passport.

How much time has CO given you for uploading the documents? It is normally mentioned in the CO contact letter that you receive over email.

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yeah he has mentioned that we have 28 days to response also you can take more time if you are dependent on external organizations.


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This is what I have at that link


what to write in “Information which is no longer current” – ‘N/A’

(Anil Gupta) #5

You can write that you have a kid in the family now. You are no longer just 2. You are 3 persons in the family.

(P) #6

And where do u suggest we can upload birth certificate and passport details for newly born.
Under other documents for primary applicant ?


  • where can i get form 1022 to update change in circumstances

(Anil Gupta) #7

Form should be available online. Search for it.

Upload passport in additional documents.

(P) #8

sure Thanks will upload form 1022 and passport in other docs.
follow up questions:

  1. Only one form 1022 is sufficient (against primary applicant) ?
  2. Can I leave these fields blank in form 1022


(Anil Gupta) #9

Fill question 16 with your (primary) details.

(P) #10

Thanks that means ?
Date of application – Expression of interest date
Lodged at – Application submitted
Visa class – Points Based Skilled Migration Visa 189

(Anil Gupta) #11

Form 1022 Q16

Date of application – Application submitted/lodge date
Lodged at – ONLINE Immiaccount
Visa class – Points Based Skilled Migration Visa 189