Unable to Retrieve i-94 from CBP site after H1B amendment Approval

Hi ,

Recently my amendment got approved (1 month Back ) ,

Now I am trying retrieve i-94 online , but it showing no records found.

what might be the reason ?

what is the step i have to take ?

please provide inputs.


Your i94 is attached to your H1B amendment Approval i797 copy.

USCIS issues paper i94 on amendment Approval and it is usually not updated on CBP online website.

I can able to see I-94 attached to approval copy ,

But may be my question is wrong ,

I cannot able to get any travel history

I think you are checking only GET MOST RECENT I-94 , try clicking on View Travel History.
or link below.


I tried ,

But no luck

Hi @venkatdoc54

Why would your travel history be updated online if you have not traveled?

Anil ,

I am trying to get previous travel ( history) , but it didn’t show up.

That’s a different issue than the recent i94 issuance.

It is okay even if travel history is not showing up.

Actually I am attending stamping in Canada in next week ?

Do I need most recent I-94 or travel history form from online ?

Hi @venkatdoc54

There is no harm in taking the i94 copy with you.

Please above conversion ,

I couldn’t able to retrieve i-94 or Travel history

that is the reason i posted question here

Hi @venkatdoc54

When did you last enter US?

Hi Anil ,

Dec 2013 , I am not sure why i am unable to retrieve

Hi @venkatdoc54

As far as i can recall, the electronic i94 issuance had started just around the Aug 2013 time.

Did you get a paper i94 in Dec 2013 or electronic one?

Did you get a paper i94 in Dec 2013 or electronic one?

yes , I had copies.

But now I am unable to retrieve

what is the reason for that ?

Hi @venkatdoc54

I do not understand your answer. You got paper based i94 on your entry in 2013 or your i94 record was updated online ONLY.

There is a difference between the two. Paper i94s are not updated online on CBP website many times.