Two H4 extension in progress based on two H1 transfer applications

hi anil,
i am on H4 visa in USA, which is valid till jan2021. Now because of the instability in the job, my husband started applying for jobs and he got offer from company A and Company B.

Initially he applied H1 Transfer applications along with my H4 extension Applications from both the companies (A&B) and my H4 EAD renewal application from Company A.

Eventually H1 transfer from Company B got approved and my husband joined Company B. now will there be any issue for my H4 extension application from company B? as there are 2 H4 extension applications. how should i proceed in this scenario?

i did not receive biometric appointment yet for both the applications, incase if i receive biometric appointment for the application from Company A, if i dont attend the appointment will the application automatically gets denied and i will be good with the company B h4 extension application?

and also i am planning to apply for H4 EAD renewal application based on the Company B’s H1 transfer receipt number, what happens to my H4 EAD renewal application from Company A?

Please provide your inputs, thank you in advance

I don’t see any issue with multiple pending applications.

Hi Anil,
thank you for your reply.
my question here is, Company A already withdraw my husband’s H1b petition. so i am planning to withdraw my H4 and H4 EAD applications applied through Company A. as i already applied H4 and H4 EAD through my husband’s current company (Company B). is it ok if i withdraw my earlier H4 and H4 EAD applications? the reason i want to withdraw my previous applications is, i heard in few cases USCIS may confuse with the withdrawn H1b petition and chances of rejecting the H4 petitions.

They do not confuse applications.

Whosoever told you this has no knowledge about how USCIS works.