Two H1B extensions filed - before and after i94 expiry - one denied, second in RFE

Hi Truevisa,

I have questions related to my H1B extensions. My employer filed two H1B extension + amendment.

First H1B extension before i94 expiry (Arizona) and second filed after i94 expired (North Carolina)

My i94 got expired on Dec, 2017, and my 240 days after i94 expiry will expire by Aug 19th, 2018.

My employer had applied for H1B extension in Aug, 2017 when I was working in Arizona.
Before I get my extension results my project got over and I have to look for a new assignment.

In February, 2018, I landed into North Carolina for my second assignment to work for a Bank. Mean while my employer applied for a new extension and amendment for North Carolina in the month of February, 2018.
Unluckily I didn’t get results to both H1B petitions by July end and since my 240 days after i94 expiry was nearing (Aug 19th), my employer upgraded Arizona petition to premium processing.

Arizona H1B extension denied

I got result for my Arizona petition and unluckily it was not positive and I have to leave country.

North Carolina H1B extension still pending with RFE and i94 expiry approaching

I still haven’t received result for North Carolina petition i.e. I received RFE and my employer submitted all evidences as requested by USCIS and the documents were received my USCIS on July mid.

It’s been nearly two months now and still I haven’t seen any status change in USCIS website for my receipt number.

My Questions

My question to you is-

1. Will my North Carolina H1B extension be denied eventually?

Since my Arizona extension petition got denied will USCIS eventually deny North Carolina petition?

2. Can I re-enter US if I leave and North Carolina H1B gets approved later?

If in case my North Carolina petition gets approved after I leave the country can I reenter again?
Or will USCIS deny North Carolina petition since am not in US at the time of extension?



Hi @Pradyumna_Gowda

I had answered in detail for exactly same case earlier here (direct link to discussion where @Arshad_S had same situation as you). The headline (title) is different though.

Let me know if you still have questions after reading through it and I can answer them.