Traveled outside US while H1b transfer was pending, Go out for Visa stamping now?

(Anonymous) #1

Hi All,

I traveled outside of US during my H1B transfer and came back while the transfer is in progress with my old stamped visa.

Now I got my transfer approved with new employer, they asking me to travel outside us and come back to effectuate the new petition. Can I travel to Mexico and come back without stamping or Do I need to go for stamping.

I either cases will Mexico is option for me. Please advice. My Employer told me that Canada is not an option as I have stay for more than 30 days to get new I94.

(Anil Gupta) #2

The whole purpose of going out and re-entering is to get H1B stamping done as you abandoned your H1B COS (that was to be done with H1B transfer approval).

You can go to Mexico or Canada to get H1B stamping.

(Anonymous) #3

Thanks for the reply. One doubt I have is whether i can go for stamping this early as already stamped visa is valid till Sep 30,2019.

Also for my wife’s H4 Visa is also same state as mine, whether She also can join with me for stamping.

(Anil Gupta) #4

Have you already started working for new employer?