Travel with L2 Extension , Valid Visa , i539 Pending


My current status : Residing in USA
Visa type: L2 Visa
I94 expired on Aug 2022.
I-539 application already submitted (Jul 2022) and currently decision pending.
Visa stamp on passport valid until Feb 2024.
L1 spouse got extension approved recently. L1B visa expires 2024.

Planning to travel India and come back on December 2022.
I will be accompanying my spouse (L1B holder). Will be having his current and previous L1B approval petition and my L2 i797c receipt notice for my i539.

Will I be allowed to reenter US? Or Do I need to carry any other document?

Yes and based on your spouse I-797 the CBP will issue your I-94 with same validity as your spouse.
Carry your marriage certificate, couple of pictures from your marriage, all your past I-797/I-94 and your current passport with valid visa, old expired passports if the valid visa is stamped in those.

Thanks for responding with detailed info!!!