Travel with L2 extension and EAD renewal pending

Hi Anil, my husband’s L1 got approved in September, mine and my kids l2 expired in October. We have an emergency and travelling to India, will our L2 extension and EAD renewal applications get abandoned. I am almost a week or 10 days away before it gets approved, but we cannot avoid the immediate travel. Please let me know what to expect. Thanks in advance.

L2 extension can’t be approved if you are not in USA. You will anyway have to get L2 visa stamp to enter US again.

The EAD might receive an RFE to submit new i94.

Can I send new I94 once my new L2 is stamped in India.

Hi @Rash1980

Where will you send it unless USCIS has given you specific address and instructions to send.

Hi Anil,

I asked the same question to RNL law group they said no issues if you travel. Its very confusing.

DO we have any guidelines present anywhere have you seen any case like that

Both cases are possible.

L2 and L2 EAD may receive RFE or may get approved. It depends on how fast your exit information reaches USCIS.

The pending L2 extension will not be relevant anyway as you will get visa stamped in your passport.

Hi Anil!!!
As of today my EAD status is card being ordered for production but my i539 status hasn’t changed. Can I travel out of US now or should I wait for i765 approval copy.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rash1980

You can travel.

Hi Rash,

Just wanted to check and confirm: Was your I-765 approved without an I-94 extension? Did you get your EAD beyond your current visa expiry date?