Travel while L2 COS is approved and L2 EAD is pending


Any idea if our L2COS is approved and EAD is pending. Then in this case can we leave US and come on existing L1 visa. Will that cancel EAD application. That way for the L1 o L2 COS cases will have no job loss till they get their EAD.

Please write your question clearly.

I do not understand your situation at this time.

Why was L2 COS filed and from which status?

L1B 5 year limit is coming to end in 6 month. My spouse is on L1A and I can get L2+EAD to work.
So planning to apply L2 COS+EAD concurrently with my spouse L1A extension.

However there will be a risk that I will become L2 and EAD may come after 1-2 month even if I apply all of them concurrently.

So I was thinking since I have L1B stamped on my visa, I can exit after L2 COS approval while EAD pending and re enter on L1B to maintain my work visa.

However if I change enter on L1B then will it cancel my pending EAD application?

You may receive an RFE on L2 EAD application to prove your L2 status if USCIS gets the information about your exit before they make a decision on your L2 EAD. The chances are high.

yeah but most of the people leave US after applying for EAD and come back when EAD comes. Only issue I see is COS, since I may be on L1B they can ask RFE for that.

Correct and if you can’t prove your L2 status at that time, your L2 EAD will be denied.

Do you have any idea about the odds of L2 and EAD both getting approved same time, may be week apart? That way i can risk applying L2 COS and EAD together with L1 extension of my spouse. Else I will wait for my spouse L1 to be stamped which will be premium and then apply L2+EAD together.

Chances of both L2 COS and L2 EAD getting approved at same time are good.

Any idea if I apply L2+EAD together then what will be the timeline, is it 150 days or more?

L2 COS itself may take 6-12 months.

ohh are you sure, even if L2 COS+EAD file together it will take more than 6 months? This is very important for me to decide whether to go for L2 COS with L1 extension or not.

Hi Anil,

Are you aware about any limit on number of days L1B visa holder can stay outside of US in any given year. I mean 60 days or more. Will this impact extension?

As far as I know, there is no such limit of staying outside USA.

It is your choice as to where you want to stay and work.

Thanks Anil! Appreciate your prompt response.