Travel while H1B extension is pending


My I94 was expired on 31-DEC-2018. My H1B extension is filed on 18th Dec 2018 with Nebraska Service Center. I need to travel to India in end of Feb-2019 due to some personal reason. My company is not ready to do premium. I have few question related to my travel.

  1. can I travel to India during Extension processing?
  2. Will it affect the exte nsion result If I travel to India without getting the result?
  3. If Extension got rejected after I travel to India,will it cause any issue in coming back to US or getting visa for any other country in future as I am staying here after I94 expiry date?.
  4. Is there any other risk in travelling to India?

Kindly need your help on this.


I have covered travel while H1B extension pending issues in detail here (it has answers to all your questions):