Travel when H4 extension is pending - will pending H4 be abandoned

My H4 has expired and I am in extension phase. Now if I travel, I heard 2 types of answers -
Some say that my current application will be abandoned and I have to apply for a new one.
Some say that it automatically will be stamped at the embassy!

  1. Which of these 2 are correct?
  2. Also will I be needing the original i797 of my husband when I go for stamping ?
  3. How long can i expect for visa in case i am applying for visa (assuming i have the nearest date for interview)

Hi @Divya_Winnie

The pending H4 extension will be automatically abandoned as you leave US.

You will have to apply for H4 visa stamp in US embassy to re-enter US. You have to use H1B i797 and other H4 visa stamping documents.

Thank you Anil. Can you tell me how long will it take to apply new visa ? Because Most likely I will be traveling alone and my son(who is also on H4) will be here in US.

The time depends on the interview date that you can get. I cannot say what dates are available at this time.

I heard if it’s a change of status , then the h4 gets abondoned but if it’s an extension then it gets processes as usual . Is it not the fact ?

You are right.
But the pending H4 extension is effectively useless once you leave US while it is pending.

USCIS may send an RFE to prove H4 status and may deny it ultimately if you are not in US.

The only purpose of H4 extension is to extend your i94 while you do not intent to travel.

I have changed employer and my new H1b petition is approved. My family’s H4 extensions are in progress (5 months in process current status is "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken
") and previous stamping is valid for next 6 month.

  1. What happens to H4 extension if my family travels to india for 2 months and return back with previous employer stamping ?
  2. Is it recommended to travel. I applied H4 extension well ahead a year before current stamping expires. but wait times are too much. As consulates are closed in india. What are my options I don’t want to loose time and money both i have invested in H4 extension so far. Please Suggest!!