Travel to India while H1B lottery application is pending with stem OPT


I have 2 questions.

I am stem opt , expiring on May 2020

  1. My H1B was picked in the last year lottery and still in processing (there is some reason for not going pp).

My employer is going to sponsor h1b again in this year. What should I do with existing processing H1B (revoke or leave it untill the result comes). If I leave it will there be any problem with new H1B which my employer going to sponsor this year?

  1. I am planning to travel India from Jan last week to Feb 2nd week. Is it safe to travel with short expiry of my stem opt and with existing processing H1B?


Is it the same employer who will file the H1B again in lottery?

You can travel and enter back as long as you have a valid visa. I don’t see any issue.