Travel to India when H4 Extension application is with USCIS

I wanted to know that if H4 Extension is currently under processing with USCIS and in the meantime we travel to India with the H4 status expired,can we just get a visa appointment with US consulate to get the H4 extension?Will this void the H4 extension application with USCIS?Is it advisable to travel to India if your H4 extension is under processing and your H4 is already expired?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

H4 can travel while extension is pending with USCIS.

You will certainly need to get H4 visa stamp in US embassy if you want to re-enter US.

I would suggest to file H4 extension withdrawal application with USCIS and then apply for H4 visa in US embassy.
That way, there will be no confusion.

Thanks for your reply Anil.

The H4 extension withdrawal application is a mandatory step or just advisable to do it?Also when does that need to be done,once you leave the country i assume?

Its not mandatory.
Normally, the H4 extension application would not yield any result as H4 is departing US or USCIS may issue an RFE. We can’t guess.

Yes, you should send it on the day or after H4 departs.

Thanks again for your prompt responses.

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Do you have an format/draft version for the USCIS case withdrawal letter?

Whom do we send it to?My case starts with EAC.

The draft / Sample USCIS withdrawal letter sample was already shared above. Here is the link again:

Thanks again for your prompt responses.