Travel to India via Heathrow UK with expired US visa


I am traveling to India next week from DFW to MUM via Heathrow. I have an approved and valid i-797 but an expired visa on the passport. I have an appointment for a new stamping in India. Will I be able to transit via UK w/o a transit visa? Does anyone have a similar experience?

Thanks in advance.

You will most probably need a DATV if your H1B stamp is expired. Find it for yourself using below link.

You may also call the airlines you will travel.

Thanks for the reply, Kalpesh. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to get a DATV. I checked with the airline’s customer care, the agent said that I do not require a transit visa.

Any recent transit experiences like this or this ?

Get an email confirmation from the airlines and carry the printout when you travel.

EU/UK transit are tricky if you have expired visa. I have always preferred direct flights when I was on H1B and had my visa expired.

Hey Dave,

Were you able to travel via heathrow.
I’m also in a similar situation
Please let me know

Thanks in Advance