Travel to India using old Employer's H1B during travel ban?

I switched to a new company in Jan 2020, and my visa with the old company was for 3 years from October 2017 to October 2020. And my new company visa is from Jan 2020 to Jan 2023. Will I be able to travel to India and come back without issue. given Trump’s immigration ban?

Are you sure you have new employer’s H1B visa stamped in your passport?

You need a valid stamped visa in passport to return to US and not the H1B transfer petition approval.

No I do not have new employers visa stamp on my passport since I did not travel outside USA after my transfer . I only have H1B transfer petition approval (I797).
But based on the document that you have attached :
Can I use the Old Employer H1B visa stamp if its still valid?

You can use an old employer’s valid visa stamp to enter the US even if you have changed the employer after H1B transfer.

So can i travel back to US with my old employer’s H1B stamp ?

Why do you need a confirmation if the question has already been answered?

Because your answer above seem to be contradicting to whats given in that article… So i just wanted to be sure.
Appreciate all the help you are doing in this website

FYI, in your original post, you did mention that you have a “visa” from your new company.
Anyway, as for the travel, if you can find flights, can you fly out and come back before Oct 2020. However, with the current pandemic and global travel restrictions, you’d be taking a risk.

I don’t understand what you are talking about. There is no contradiction as per my opinion.

You need to read your question and my answer again.

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