Travel to India after H4 Visa and H1b filed

Hello Anil,

I would like to know your input for below

Scenario : Planning to file H1b visa and H4 extension for my dependents and there after my family ( dependents ) will travel to india due to personal issue


  1. will this have any impact on my visa ( H1B ) extension ?
  2. This time i believe we have bio-metrics , can i reschedule to different location and date ( India ) ?
  3. I will be planning to upgrade to premium after few days depending on the situation in India


There is no need to file H4 extension if your dependents plan to travel immediately after filing.

You will just waste your money as H4 extension is only for people who want to extend their status without leaving USA.

Your dependents can apply for H4 visa stamp using your approved H1B extension.

You need to be in US to attend biometric.

The generic message on USCIS website does say that you can schedule Biometric outside USA but it does not make any sense for H4 extension.

It is better that you file your H1B in premium and let the H4 dependents get H4 visa stamp in US embassy.

Thanks Anil for information

My company is paying the money for H4 visa extension and now excluding them means have to start my process again and it will take time , so I was planning to go file and for my family as well

Just wanted to know if biometrics are scheduled and if person is not here in USA , will that be fine ?

I do not think anything will happen except that H4 application will be denied.

Does this mean that my wife not get h4 visa ? I am confused with your h4 will be denied

H4 extension filed from within USA is for extending your H4 status when you do not want to leave USA.

Your H4 dependent is explicitly leaving the USA.

She would need H4 visa stamp in her passport rather than H4 extension from within USA.

Thanks Anil for quick info