Travel outside USA while EAP/AP is pending?

Thank you Anil its working now. I have a quick question, i filed for my wifes I485 she is on F1 visa and we got married in july. We filed for her AOS in August first week, and we got an RFE on I485.

Travel outside USA while EAP/AP is pending?

We have to travel to india in January mid, do you think she can will get her EAD/AP by december?

Also can she go to india and i can take her EAD/AP card with me and she can come with me?

When did you receive the RFE? What date and which service center has the application gone to?

I received the RFE on September 13th and application has gone to National Benefits Center.

But the RFE is on I485, does it affect I131 or the travel document?

i485 RFE should not affect I-131 application.
But, I strongly recommend to NOT travel unless the EAD/AP is approved.

If your wife travels before her AP is approved, her AP will be abandoned automatically.

Great thank you. I am really hoping and crossing fingers that the EAD/AP comes. However if she decides to travels and her AP Is abandoned, will she not be allowed to enter in US ?

Enter US with F1 while i485 is pending?

what happens to her F1 status? Can she not enter using that visa? Apologies for asking this many questions as its frustrating and nerve wrecking

She will not be able to use her AP to re-enter as it will not be approved once she goes out of US.

She can use F1 visa to re-enter if it is still valid but there could be issues with “immigrant intent” as F1 is not a dual intent visa.
Travelling is very risky in this case. I recommend to delay travel until AP is approved.

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