Transport Engineer - Projected 70 points

(Jae) #1


I’m currently getting ready to submit an Expression of Interest for the subclass 189 visa. However, I’m not an expert in the process and would like to seek some guidance. Job code I’m thinking of applying for is either 233211 (Civil Engineer) or 233215 (Transport Engineer).

Currently, I am sitting on 65 points with points from age, maximum mark in the english requirement (PTE 79+ in all sections), and the study requirements. However, I have completed 6 months of employment as a Graduate Transport Engineer and projected to complete 1 year of employment in September 2019. Would it be possible to claim the 5 points for the 1 year employment now and once I obtain the invitation, provide the work employment evidence or is that not possible?

Also, are there any other ways to increase the number of points and how long would it roughly take to obtain a PR on 70 points as a Transport Engineer? (I’m not too sure whether I can claim to be a transport engineer even though I completed a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering in University of Sydney).

(Anil Gupta) #2

It is better than you first decide which job code your profile matches with and then file for education and work assessment.

Once you get the assessment result, it will be clear as to where you stand.

(Jae) #3

Thanks for your response. In general, how long does it take to receive an invitation for the job code 233215 with 70 points?