Transcript and Degree from DU directly to WES


I have already obtained my transcripts from DU now I want to send them to WES directly, as DU doesn’t have any option for directly sending the documents directly to WES I am planning to send it via the post office situated in the University. Now the problem is that I have to send my Degree as well with the transcripts. So should i request the University officials to put my degree as well in the transcripts envelope or will I have to send the degree separately ?

You can request the university officials to put degree in the same transcript envelope and re-seal it.

You can then mail it.

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As far as I have understood that the DU doesn’t send a degree copy along with the transcripts and WES can’t proceed without the degree , now some people say fax it to WES with the reference number on it ,some say that the degree needs to be attested by DU and has to be sent separately along with the transcripts.

Which is the best process which has worked for someone, if anyone who has expreienced the same situation can help it would be great as I am
Stuck with this question.

Hi @Istapap

I don’t think DU has any process to send degree copy. So, if you request for transcripts, they will send only the transcripts again.

What i have heard is that you have to carry the copy of Degree and ask them to keep it in the same envelope as transcript, seal it and then send it to WES.

Thanks Anil

So the degree copy has to be attested or it would be a photocopy of degree with the WES reference number.

Attestation in Delhi university is altogether a different process and involves a different charge.

Anyone who has followed the DU process if they can throw some light things would get clear.

See this comment from Bharti who sent the DU degree and mark sheet transcripts to WES and shared it on our blog in Feb 2019.