Tracking passport renewal with VFS


Has anyone been able to successfully track their passport re-issue application at this VFS website?

I sent my application last week, got an acknowledgement email from VFS, but the above website produces an “Invalid inputs” error when I try to track. I tried both the ARN that I got from the the government passport seva website and the reference number I got from VFS after the online application was submitted. No luck.

Any clues?


It took about 10 days to update my status and the status shows insufficient document support. I am waiting for VFS to send my package to update the correction on my application. Please share your status when you got update on your status.

Which reference number do you use to pull the status? The ARN that you got from the online government application, or the reference number you got from the VFS application?

The link I shared in my previous message is no longer valid it seems. But this long link is: