Till when H4 visa holder can apply for H1B visa for 2023

Hi. Can someone please let me know the timeline for applying for H1B visa? And how does it work?I am currently on H4 visa and I work for a bank as a Client Officer.

Once you have a H1B sponsoring employer, they can file for H1B registration (unless you had H1B in past and didn’t use all 6 years term, then you qualify for cap-exempt/no lottery) that opens on 1st March of every year. Once H1B is picked in the lottery (lottery is done if USCIS receives more than 65K application which is yearly quota), your employer will file H1B petition. In your case you may choose to change status from H4 to H1B without a need to go for H1B stamping. The H1B will be effective 1st October of every year (if applied under lottery).

Thank you so much Kalpesh for the quick reply. I work for a H1B sponsoring employer which is a bank. I got a job with H4 EAD recently. Since I am on dependent visa, how my H1B will be processed? I have never applied for H1B in the past years. Will it be converted from H4 to H1B without stamping or with stamping? What is the difference between these two? I am worried because my visa validity is till January 23, 2023 and now my husband does not want my dependent visa extended for next term in case if he gets his H1B extension. Please guide me how can I process for H1B. Thank you.

Your H1B sponsoring employer will apply for H1B lottery. If selected, they will file H1B petition with change of status from H4 to H1B so you don’t have to go for stamping.

You can consult with the immigration lawyer of your employer if you need more information.