TCS skill letter HR email contact

Hey, Did you really mentioned only two skills ? Can you please advise on this?

One more question- Do they finally give the skill letter on TCS letterhead? Coz without that- its an effort down the drain.

Hi All

I have got response TCS email but skill letter template attachment is not opening. it seems it’s just an image but no actual attachment, I had already reverted back to them but not getting any response. Can someone pls help.

Hi @Rahul_Malik

Did you try opening the attachment on some other device?

If it is still not opening, then i suggest to wait for TCS response.

Yes tried to open attachment on android , mac but its an image not actual attachment.

It is likely that they shared a scan image of the PDF with you instead of actual PDF to prevent any updates/tempering by user, hence it shows as image.

You could use image to PDF option available in Paint app or Photos app on Windows.

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I requested skill letter from TCS and waiting for reply. I have resigned from TCS in 2010. i really dont remember the last manager i worked with before resigning. I just worked in the last project for few months.
But i do know the manager in other projects i worked on in TCS.

So do i have to get letter from the last manager while resigning as per HR ? Also i have noticed recently that my name was mispelt by a letter (garikipati vs garikapati) in TCS profile vs my certificates and passport. Can i ask them to correct the name in the skill letter ? is it possible?

Hi @archanag

You can ask them to correct the name.

You can request skill letter approval from any other manager as well.


They replied me with the below -
Please have the concerned HR person from your current Employer or your Attorney, initiate a mail to
the below listed Email address for the release of your Skill Letter.
Alternatively, kindly provide copies of Visa or Application number.

What should i do now? asking me attorney or hr might be long process. what are visa copies or application number they need?

You can send them your current H1B i797 copy.

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Hi, I am curious that whatever skills letter template is sent by TCS, do they include signature when they include the template on letterhead? I am applying for green card so I think that they will need signature on skills letter. Kindly advice.

Offcourse the letter has official HR head’s signature.

They sent me the fixed format Word Doc Template. They said • Contact your last PL/GL Active in TCS and get an approval on the same in email. Seeking this approval and following up with the PL / GL will need to be managed at your end.
So, should i ask the supervisor to provide their signature on the doc. Or TCS HR will sign it?
If yes, then will the supervisor just send an email approval? If yes, then will i send the approval email to the TCS HR or the supervisor will send it directly to HR

Everything has been clearly mentioned here:

Hi Anil,

I am employed in TCS. I am planning to migrate to Australia. I have seen that I am required to obtain a reference letter from HR for Skill Assessment.
Could you please guide me whom I should contact in obtaining the required reference? Will it create an issue if the HR people come to know that I have plans of switching?

Did you read the linked article above? If yes, then what is stopping you from emailing HR?

What other help do you need?

Hi Anil!

Reached out to my supervisor, and she’d agreed to approve the letter.
Is it sufficient to send email to , Or additionally any HR email needs to be included? I’d left TCS in 2012, and don’t have any of the current HRs email ID. Would including HR be necessary, or would it be sufficient to send email, to

Thanks very much!