Switching Employer having only got H4 Approval Courtesy Copy ( i 797 C ) [Extended Question]


My Spouse Last Approved H4 Petition (i-94 Expired on 25-Jul-2021 ) and My current employer PAID and Filled H4 Extension Petition (filled on 02-Jul-2021) for my spouse and it got approved (until 2023). I just got the courtesy Approval copy - i797 -C (not having i-94)

When i ask my Employer for the Actual H4 Approval Copy ( i -797 A) which is having the i94 attached to it , he is purposefully delaying it saying its not yet received


  1. With Just H4 Courtesy Approval Copy (i-797c) in hand, Can i join my NEW Employer (H1B already Approved until 2024)

  2. If I Join NEW Employer, will there be any risk to my Spouse H4 Status as i don’t have the Actual H4 Approval Copy (i-797 A) in HAND ( if i am not able to get H4 i797A approval copy from my Current Employer / or from his attorney)

  3. Can I File my Spouse H4-EAD petition with just having only the H4 Courtesy Approval Copy (i-797c) after joining the NEW employer