Switch Job on Eb1-C with H1B

I just got my I-140 approved under EB1-C. I am on H1B visa. Can I switch job with troubling my approved I-140?

Nope, not without having Sup J with 6 months cooling time.

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Thanks for your response!

Honestly, I have very limited knowledge and never heard of “Supplement J” . Is this same as AC-21 or an alternative or we need both to switch the job?

No problem bro… it’s the same… https://www.uscis.gov/i-485supj

Just curious you didn’t apply concurrently?

Not sure if my employer could file it concurrently.
I am from India and current priority date for EB-1 is July 18. Mine is April 2020

Hang in there… you might get surprised by the speed of processing

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