Submitted 190 EOI for Software tester role 261314 - No invite

(Anonymous) #1

Hi Team, I have submitted my 190 EOI on August 2018 for Software tester role 261314 and till now I haven’t received any invite.

Could you please let me know If I get any invite, because I have crossed 6 months already.

Victoria is the state with 70 points (65+5).

(Anil Gupta) #2

Sorry to say, but i don’t think there is any realistic chance of invite with 65+5.

You should increase your points.

You will face the same problem of points in Canada also. They need top English score too in most of the cases.

Infact, Canada would be difficult too as they accept IELTS, which is even more difficult to score than PTE.

(Anonymous) #3

Ok sure during May 2019 I will get 5 more points for my experience and I m also reappearing PTE. Lets see if I can get 79+ in all modules

I was hearing that PNP nomination for Canada will fetch some score. But not sure if that will work out.

Hmm you mean eventually EOI expires (or) I will get slowly in another 4-5 months?

(Anil Gupta) #4

Unless your EOI points increase, it will eventually expire.