Stimulus Check Eligibility with H4 ITIN but child SSN

Great and thanks for update.

guys anil is right, people who filed with ITIN are not eligible.please check below

Hi, could please tell me if i am qualified to get the stimulus check. H1b ssn + H4 ITIN + CHILD with SSN, tax filed married jointly, gross income 78000.

Hi @Abhay_Singh and @Sathya_Chotu

Not sure if you guys are reading the updates or not. I have updated this page based on confirmed reports.

Im also in same case so far we dont have exact source for this mixed combination for the eligbility checks. But as per turbo tax experts i heard that H1b ssn + H4 ITIN + CHILD with SSN, tax filed married jointly will receive $1200 + $500. hope for the best, wait and see in next couple of weeks.

I checked and verified with some friends , some of them have received the Stimulus checks and some don’t.

  1. Gross Income - 75 K
    H1B SSN + H4 Spouse ITIN + Child1 SSN (Married Filing Jointly)
    Check - $2900 Received

  2. Gross Income - 72.5 K
    H1B SSN + H4 Spouse ITIN + Child1 ITIN + Child2 SSN (Married Filing Jointly)
    Check - $2900 Received

  3. Gross Income - Above 100 K
    H1B SSN + H4 Spouse ITIN + Child1 ITIN + Child2 SSN (Married Filing Jointly)
    Check not yet received…

So, if the gross income above 100K, they need to wait for sometime it seems.

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wow thats great news… but you got to know these information from groups or from communities or you called them individual and checked…cos most of the groups even im also hearing the same news… not sure how much true in that until if we really know the person…if you have such any groups please let me know to get more details…
My case is as below
Gross Income less than 95k
H1B SSN + H4 Spouse ITIN + Child1 SSN+ Child2 SSN (Married Filing Jointly)
Check - $3400, but not yet Received

Hi Naveen and Sathya ,

I am also in same boat, filed tax return with ITIN though my wife has SSN. As per IRS filing tax returns with ITIN is not eligible for package. Did you explore any option to update SSN and get eligibility for package.

I called them individually and verified. They are my team mates in my company. So it is true.

Let’s wait and see in next couple of weeks. Fingers Crossed…

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As for the research I did we may not get it. Don’t feel disappointed guys. All of my friends with both couple having SSN received it. Also I saw in IRS website forwarded message that ITIN is not eligible and some vedios in YouTube too. Let’s not waste more time on this. :palms_up_together::blush:

Yes that is what I also understand. Not sure how few folks got it, may be they are too lucky.
how can we make spouse SSN useful in this scenario.

Yeah. We can only use it for next filing and don’t have an option to update now. I saw in irs website saying can go in person to IRS office and update or write some letter to them. Their local offices are closed now. Even if you do that I doubt we can get the payment.


Is there any process to correct the filing now
I have filed TAX without ssn of my wife,


Even I am in the same boat, filed with ITIN but spouse has SSN. Pls let me know if you anyone knows how to fix it.

We can get this fixed by sending letter to IRS or by doing tax amendment. But not sure whether that will help in getting stimulus package or not.

@Anil_Gupta Please direct us if you get information on this. It seems lot of folks having this issue.

Hi Guys,
just trying to understand if this combination is valid for Stimulus check ? Hearing multiple different responses on this post so not able to reach to a point, yes or no.

H1B (SSN)+ H4 Spouse (ITIN) + H4 Child (ITIN) + US Citizen Child (SSN) ?

Any thoughts will be appreciated .

Hi Anil

My situation is little different,
In my case H1b SSN + H4 EAD +Childs all SSN but at time of 2019 tax filing i.e in month of feb, we filed using ITIN but now in April spouse also have SSN, at the time of filing tax returns for 2019 her H4 EAD was in process so we need to use ITIN, so IRS not having her social so do we need to file amendment? to be eligible for stimulus check?
if we need to file amendment can we do online or by calling IRS or we need paper filing?

In my case, I filed 2018 tax returns with H1B SSN + H4 ITIN + Child SSN . Filed 2019 returns with H1 SSN + H4 (SSN)+ CHILD SSN … but i yet to receive Federal refund. Got state refund though. Am I eligible in the case for stimulus package ?
Thank you!

I think you are Abhijeet.
I read in apple news yesterday that we can claim for 2020 returns that includes new baby born.
Not sure if we get it until the sent us that time :slight_smile:

Same Case i filed 2018 with H1B SSN + H4 ITIN + Child SSN+Child ITIN .Last weekend i filed with SSN + H4 (SSN)+ CHILD SSN +Child ITIN.Not sure i will eb getting stimulus
Any one got stimulus based on this year filing status?