STEM EAD expiry , H4 EAD pending due to Covid delay

Hi my STEM EAD is expiring on Aug 25th 2020. Filed for H4 COS and h4 EAD in feb 2020 to avoid processing delays. Biometric for COS postoned to unknown date due to covid though I received email for biometric. From experience could you please let me know if my h4 cos and h4 EAD gets approved before my STEM EAD expiry Aug 25th. Also are there any amendments in my kind of situation if approval is not done before Aug 25th regarding contuation of work. Please suggest what can be done.

H4 and EAD cannot be approved until briometric is completed first.

If biometric happen in June is there chance of my case getting approved by Aug 25th?

I don’t know. It depends on USCIS workload, which would most certainly increase as lot of people are waiting for Biometric.

I am in a very similar situation. I had my biometric scheduled on Mar 18 and the offices were closed due to COVID and I have still not got my rescheduled appointment. My expiry is August 13th.

Is there anyone in the USCIS we could contact to accelerate the process?
I am going to be terminated from the current job if it does not come on time.
Kindly let me know about your experience of processing time during pandemic situation.


Still in the same situation. USICS case status still says finger printing fee received :frowning:

Any update by now for your case?

No. Been calling USCIS but no change. Got the notice from work. :-(.

What about u? Or anyone you know heard anything?

Nothing yet. Dont know about anyone who was in this situation except checking online like this. So no idea yet how someone proceeded in this situation till now.

Hi any progress?
Do you have any idea what are the chances of case is getting processed in background in these months from march, but only biometric is pending?
I mean is there a chance they are only waiting for biometric step to be done and rest of the stages in processing are already done in these months? So once bio is done, case has completed all steps?

Any one you know, have idea about this?

No. My centre is California and earlier they said I could call back Aug24 (being 6 months from the date I applied) and file a complaint. Now the regular processing time for H4 extn is 14-18 months which was only 4.5months even when I checked last week.

I am not sure about biometric as being a factor from stopping the process. It feels like they have suspended any H4 application processing at this moment.

Kindly let me know if you have any updates.

Oh Thanks for the update. My center is Nebraska it still shows 5.5 months. May be they will change it too.

Sure will let you know if any update.